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My name is Vaitulu Pua and I get to lead the First Foundation in Education ( FIE ) school in Aotearoa, New Zealand !

Our Lecture Phase goes for 3 months, and is going to be held here in Mangere, South Auckland, from September 9th followed by an Outreach of 3 months .

It's so exciting to be able invite you to come and participate in this school with me. It’s a second level school that focuses on God’s heart in the Sphere of Education and as you know, our education system can make you or break you. For most, it’s been a place of struggle and missed opportunities to thrive and excel. The Good News is that God is able to redeem and restore those things we may have lost in our journey of learning.

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You're going to get within the 12 weeks of learning, time to explore really interesting topics like - The Value of the Child, Discipling Nations through a Biblical Worldview, Children at Risk, Educational Wounding and a lot more . We all have been given gifts and abilities and why not come and learn how you can put these to use in ministering to both children and their families around the world?


Children around the world are contending with so much environmental, historical and spiritual challenges that have impacted on their lives dramatically altering for some, life choices available to them.

Wouldn't you want to be part of presenting them with GOOD NEWS that they are precious and loved by a God who knew them even before they were born and
who can turn their mourning into dancing? Ecc 3:4


You will also get to meet new friends from different nations and I can tell you from past schools , they do become your ‘friends for life’ – so come along we will love to have you here in Aotearoa, New Zealand!




Starts on the 16th of September 2024


Lecture Phase:

*Discounts available

Outreach Phase:

Costs cover food, accommodation and  school fees.


Primarily English, feel free to enquire about more options
You can email me your questions at


You can email me your questions at
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