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Our Partnering


We have also the opportunity to work with partnering ministries inside and out of YWAM, we love to work alongside each other and support one another! You can see some of the ministries come together in times of worship and intercession weekly. We also give our DTS students the opportunity to participate in these ministries during the course. Check it out!


Prayer Station is lead by one of our elders, Peter Kim, and his wife, Esther. Every Friday night, the Kims, along with many other volunteers, pass out tracts and booklets, lead worship or speak out an encouragement, and pray for those in need of prayer. Through Prayer Station, many people have given their lives to Jesus and declared that He is Lord! We are so privileged to have visiting outreach teams, people from the community and even our DTS students join in and serve in unity! Come down to 115 Queens Street, just outside the Burger King, on Fridays from 7 PM to 10 PM! Check out their Facebook and website below for more information.



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