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Things To

We are overjoyed God has led you to YWAM Te Ao Marama!

We can't wait for you to come and stay with us. Before your arrival, we want to double check if you have everything that you need and know more about New Zealand to make your travels smoother!

Here are some things to consider...


Here are different ways to get to our base! Whether you are a visitor or an incoming student, domestic or international, we have several options for you! 


Ever wonder where your fees will go towards? Here are some details about your expenses during your time at YWAM TAM


Wondering how much and what to pack for your DTS? Worry no more! Here are some tips and advice about what to bring!


Are you traveling internationally? You just may need a visa for the duration of DTS


Our address is :

12 Lenore Rd. Favona, Auckland NZ 2024

We have parking available for compact cars and camper vans.

If you are traveling via Intercity Bus or any other bus service, we recommend arriving at Manukau Bus Station or the Auckland Airport Bus (Please check 'by plane' section for more detail.

Terminal. From there you can walk over to the Manukau Train Station and catch the Eastern line Train, arriving at Otahuhu Station. Then you can take bus #324 and stop at Stop #2436, which is right in front of our base. *Please check the AT Mobile app or website to get more convenient directions for your current state. *We do provide transportation to and from the airport on Mondays-Fridays from 10 AM ~ 5 PM. For exceptions, please contact our hospitality team. There will be a transportation fee* 

When you book your airfare, you can choose Auckland Airport as your destination. There are a few ways you can come to the base from the airport. We recommend taking an Uber or a  shuttle (Super Shuttle or SkyBus) *We do provide transportation to and from the airport on Mondays-Fridays from 10 AM ~ 5 PM. For exceptions, please contact our hospitality team. There will be a transportation fee* 

By Car

By Bus/Train

By Plane





Here are some other expenses that Te Ao Marama does not cover, but you may want to consider...

  • Visa expenses for New Zealand during the DTS

  • Travel insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Shopping (souvenir)

  • Toiletries 

  • Public Transportation fares (Bus, train, ferry)

  • Other personal expenses

  • Food, accommodation and utilities (NOT including laundry) 

  • Course fees

  • Group Transportation

  • Activities 

  • Student Resources

  • Travel expenses to and from Outreach Locations

  • Visa expenses

  • Food and Accommodation during the outreach phase.









You can bring as much luggage as your airline permits, but we found it most convenient for those that bring one large luggage (hikers backpack, duffel bag, suitcase) and one small one (suitcase, backpack, etc). We highly recommend bringing a backpack or any bag you can use during the day or outings (especially outreach).

Please be advised that our outreach locations may only permit smaller luggage. All other luggage will be stored at the base. 


*Please also consider enough room for souvenirs and any additional shopping when returning home*

Here are some things you can consider bringing!

  • Bible

  • Journals or any other needed stationary

  • Pens/Pencils

  • Notebooks (used for lectures)

  • Water bottles

  • Adapters (for electrical appliances)

  • Laptops, cameras, etc

  • Hobbies (musical instruments, art supplies, books, skateboards, etc)

  • Sleeping bag (for outreach, otherwise all bedding is provided during the lecture phase)

  • Towel

  • Driver's License

  • Sun Protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hat) as the sun in New Zealand is stronger. 

What to Bring

Dress Code

Here at Te Ao Marama, modesty is the best policy. Some things to consider when packing your clothes...


  • Everyday wear (what you would typically wear back home)

  • T-shirts and comfortable wear

  • Formal wear for church

  • A nice outfit for DTS events (i.e. graduation)

  • Everyday shoes, sneakers, and dress shoes

  • Work clothes (something you don't mind getting dirty)

  • Swimwear

  • Socks!

  • House Slippers

  • Athletic wear (leggings and shorts) are acceptable 

January School

The weather during these months will be quite warm. We do not have air conditioning in the base, so please bring modest summer wear. You can also bring a jumper as the winds can be quite chilly. 

July School

During these months, it can get really cold. We do not have all-around heating for our base so please bring warm clothes!



Our outreach locations are primarily in hot countries, so please bring comfortable yet modest summer wear. Jumpers are also needed, as the mornings and nights can be chilly. When we are doing ministry, longer pants and and skirts are strongly encouraged. Please bring comfortable shoes but be advised they may become dirty or ruined.


Before you come, check if you need a visa to stay in New Zealand! 

Visa expenses coming to New Zealand is not covered by the DTS fees, however outreach visas will be included. For those from countries that are not on the visa-waiver list must have a return ticket to prove to New Zealand Immigration that you intend to return home after the school. 

Please allow enough time for the visa to be processed before arriving.

Click here to apply for a visa. 


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here

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