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Creative Dts

Creative DTS is focused on co-creating expressions of God's love for the Nations

Conquering Nations and championing lives for God's Kingdom

Creative DTS

God spoke and the world came into existence. 

God is still speaking today and those who know His voice follow Him. 

We believe God wants to clearly express who He is through those who listen and obey Him. (Romans 1:20)

We see the Holy Spirit enabling men with different gifts, talents and abilities to do things in accordance to the task assigned to them (Exodus 35:31). Some were given skills to build, some were gifted with words to speak before kings and some were given the talents of songs, dances, musical abilities and many more. 

This DTS is for those who have been told that they are too loud or silly. 

This DTS is for those who love to be on stage.

Oh what a joy it is to see people experience the love of God through our expressions!


Join us and say YES to the calling of our Creator.

Let God equip you and take your CREATIVITY in the NATIONS.

Every week in Lecture Phase will highlight on areas related to following Jesus in life and character, personal relationship with God and missions. In addition to lectures, you will also have worship, prayer / intercession and stream times to challenge and help you to grow and experience different ways of connecting with God. 

Topics include:

Hearing God's voice, Nature and Character of God, Father heart of God, Lordship of Christ, Worship and Prayer, Identity and Calling and many more!


To Be Determined

school fee

Lecture Phase

$3,600 NZD

(Discounts available via enquiry)

Outreach Phase

$3,500 ~ 5,500 NZD

(Prices differ to locations)


English Only

things to prepare

1. Available and Teachable Heart

2. Willingness to Explore

3. Expect great things from God

4. Heart to Obey God fully!