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Beyond listening

Counseling Workshop

Listening is the most fundamental component

of communication skills

The 3 day workshop is designed to explore and introduce some skills that would help you walk alongside someone with more confidence.

The FCM (Foundations of Counseling Ministries) team will lead you through a few steps of what they have learned in their counseling school.

Don't miss this chance, come JOIN US!


Melvin Torres

Joel Bauert

Jessica Ingle


Wan Lin &

Milena Pfeifer

Danny Morris

For 3 months, this team has been doing the YWAM counseling school. And they are now on a 3 month outreach here in Auckland and in Fiji.

They have been taught on a different topic every week, introducing them to the basics of counseling and bringing healing to their lives that they can hand on to others. The topics include, for example, The Divine Plumbline, active listening, christian worldview, Family systems, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, etc.

They are now on outreach, putting into practice some of the skills they've learned and serving the body of Christ.

Topics Discussed

Exploring Counseling

Can you counsel someone if you don't have counseling training? Explore how a layperson armed with active listening skills can be effective in coming alongside a person and how. And when we depend on God to guide us, we can be more than just a listening ear. 

Working With Differences

We are building on active listening skills and exploring some of the contributing factors that make us different from one another. When we better understand each other, we are better able to put aside our differences. 

Dealing With Emotions

Emotions can be intimidating, especially the negative and the big ones. We explore how embracing our own emotions can in turn help us better work with others.


June 8th, and 9th - 6:30-9:00 pm

June 10th - 8:30-11:00 am


Join us now, register and get all the information you need!

Workshop in English.

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