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COVID-19 Uptade from YWAM Te Ao Marama

Kia ora from YWAM Te Ao Marama,

We have been monitoring news about COVID-19 daily and the more this situation develops the more cautious we want to be. We are committed to take this seriously, without being driven by fear, panic or anxiety. Our hope and gaze are fixed on Jesus, believing He’s still in control and the best thing is to trust Him completely and remember He’s our ultimate source of hope. We are a very multicultural team, so we also are sending prayers to our families all over the World, in Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Canada, Brazil, and the United States. God is our healer! Recently, the Government and Ministry of Health from New Zealand, adopted a list of strict measures to try and prevent further community outbreak, for further review in 16 days. In order to respect and follow that, we had to take some actions and make strategic decisions. Together, as leadership and staff volunteers, we have decided to prioritize the health and safety of our whanau (family) and the environment in our home. Our programmes within the community have been changed, many have been canceled, our guest accommodations are on hold right now, so we can prevent the spread of the virus. As of now, we are still positive and optimistic of our future plans and activities. Our DTS school is still planning to happen later on this year, set to begin September 14th 2020. We are trusting that thing will settle down and we will be able to resume ministry and activities as usual. However, we will keep informed and make adjustments as necessary to follow the guidelines put in place at that time by our government and suggestions from YWAM international. We will keep you informed through our social media and various platforms. Keep looking at The Father brothers and sisters, at times like this, there’s no other way to go. He’s the One capable of transforming this situation in demonstration of love for one another.

For more information about New Zealand, you can go to:


We will keep you updated on our position, as this is a subject that changes constantly.


YWAM Te Ao Marama Leadership & Staff

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