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Identity Discipleship Training School believes that our identity is not something we earn or achieve but it's chosen and gifted to us by the Creator God. It is purposely designed to cultivate a safe place where students get to meet and know our Creator, believing He is the key foundation in establishing our identity We are to be the voice that breakthrough the lies that have shaped false identity and self worth to set people free in the truth of God.


Feb 1st 2021 - Jun 30th 2021

school fee

$4500.00 NZD Lecture Phase

$500.00 NZD Activity Fees

 $4000.00 NZD Outreach Phase

(Prices differ to locations)


Primarily English

Please contact us for 

available translations. 

things to prepare

Check out our FAQs page to help you prepare for your arrival here.

Laura Ghannadan


DTS was a time for me to discover who God really is. A time to get to experience His love every day, all of the time, and be fully immersed in Him. A time of great joy, peace, trials, love, growth, friendship, and fun! A time where I learned so much and experienced so much that I didn’t want it to end! DTS was an amazing journey that I carry with me every day.

Rayla Lindsay


My experience going on a DTS was life changing. I learned so many things about myself, what I believe in and what it means to have a servant heart. God met me where I was at and transformed my life . He healed my heart and showed me the importance of leaning on Him instead of people. 

Ben Cola


During our DTS, not only do you get to know God and grow in your relationship with Him, sometimes you’ll bond with friends that start to feel like family. It’s amazing- the blessings that come from getting to know people from different parts of the world. You’ll feel encouraged, enriched, blessed and renewed just by their presence.



12 Lenore Rd Favona Auckland, NZ 2024


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